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How to Avoid the Sunday Scaries When You Work From Home

Ugh, the dreaded Sunday Scaries. Once the end of the weekend rolls around and the impending doom of Monday is on the horizon, a lot of anxiety about the week ahead begins to set in. And no — you’re definitely not alone in feeling this way — even when you work from home.

This feeling is actually all too common, as it’s basically just another version of stress. According to psychologist Heather Silvestri, Ph.D “[The] Sunday Scaries is really just a form of anticipatory stress,” she told The Thirty. In other words — it’s literally stressing about stress, and honestly, who wants to do that?

But, ditching the feeling and ultimately avoiding burnout can be easier said than done, especially if you spend your Sunday in the same space you’d spend your Monday. When you work from home, all of a sudden, your apartment becomes your office and the idea of “not taking your work home with you” can come nearly impossible to master.

Thankfully, however, all hope is not lost! If you take these steps to organizing and compartmentalizing, you can reach some semblance of work-life balance that makes the idea of “Monday” not seem so unbearable.

Create A Workspace

The work from home life can be great, but it can also feel like you’re never really “leaving the office.” But, if you’re able to set aside an area that is only used when you’re working, you’ll be able to feel like you’re actually able to “turn off” even more.

Fridays Are For List-Making

Before you rush out of the office to head to happy hour on Friday, make yourself a to-do list for next week. Yet another week of work may be the last thing you want to think about at that moment, but taking just a few minutes to prep will help you feel less anxious on Sunday. Once the list is made, put it away in a drawer or somewhere you won’t see it when you’re at home over the weekend and know that come Monday, you’ll be prepared to tackle whatever you need. So really, there’s not much to stress about now, is there?

Make Sure Your Sundays Are Well-Spent

Try to make sure that the dread of the work week doesn’t ruin your Sunday. The last day of the weekend should be spent doing whatever you feel like. And we mean whate-v-e-r. If you need to run errands and prepare for the week, do it. Need to sit in your bed and do nothing? Do it. Seriously, make Sunday a day of replenishing, whatever that means for you. Oh — it also might be a good idea to take a break from tech. Because you don’t need that toxic energy in your life, and you’re going to be looking at a screen all week long anyways, right?

Carve Out Fun Moments

While you’re making your to-do list on Friday, go ahead and pencil in an activity that will make your Monday better. Maybe you take a 10-minute break to go for a walk or put a face mask on while you check your inbox after lunch. Little things like this can go a long way to making Monday way less miserable.

Get Yourself A Hobby, Girl

Find something that you enjoy that has absolutely nothing to do with work. According to author Chris Guillebeau, there’s no need for work to be all you do, or as he put it in an interview with Quartz — there’s no need for “occupational purity.” Taking some time to focus on something completely non-work related can make you more creative, give you time to reset and yes, even help you handle that work problem you’d typically stress about on a Sunday with ease.

Remember Your “Why”

If you can keep your “why,” or the reason you started your job in the first place, in mind — it can make the idea of returning to work less of a drag. Even if the job you’re working isn’t your dream job, is it helping you get to where you want to be? If so — every Monday that passes gets you that much closer. Get after it 👑.

Dress For Success

Here at No Plans, we firmly believe that what you wear to the “office” can play a huge role in your mood. So, suit up in your No Plans garb and get ready for the chicest, comfiest outfit of your life. Then, when it’s time for that coffee run you scheduled, you’ll be dressed to be seen in public even though you technically never changed out of your PJs.

Ok, work from homers — who’s ready for Monday?

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